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~ Primitive Pursuits ~
Coming Soon!
Thursday March 28th 12 NOON est.

Items Featured:
Early Great Original Paint Gathering Basket
Small Early Indigo Decorated Preserve Crock~ SOLD
Early & Small Original Paint Measure~ SOLD
Small Round General Store Tin Lid Jar Early
Wonderful Old Paint Farm Stand Tote Folky~ SOLD
Gen. Store Putnam Dye Divided Display W/ Graphics
Small & Sweet Early Red Cricket Stool ~SOLD
Early & True Make-Do Bentwood Handle Carrier ~SOLD
Old Display Piece Great Fencing For Putz Sheep~ SOLD
Early Blond Mohair Straw Stuffed Dog
Early Blue Calico Childs Dress ~SOLD 
Adorable Old Bear/Doll Toy Metal Trike ~ SOLD
Early Infant Scalloped Tops Button Shoes ~SOLD
Early 19th C. Toy Hooded Doll Cradle Old Paint ~ SOLD
19th C. Long Wood Cooking Spoon ~ SOLD

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