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Early & Original Attic Finish Pantry Box Stack  

Early & Original Attic Finish Pantry Box Stack Of 3. These grew old together and are still together. A rare find in todays market. Very good condition overall. All 3 have darkened from age as they were never varnished or messed with over the years.  Wooden pegs connect the bottom and original small nails connect the seams. The smallest top of the stack box has a few small nail chips. Some slight age shrinkage all things you would expect from age. Inside the largest box that likely held flour there is OLD traces of flour weevil. No harm just mentioning for accuracy. Boxes are in excellent condition for age.

Measures approx. From largest to smallest. 10 w x 5 1/8 t, 9 w x 4 1/2, 8 w x 3 3/4 t.  

 $235.00 & Shipping ~ Email:

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