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Small 19th C. Folk Art Painted Box Sq. Nails

 Small 19th C. Folk Art Painted Box Square Nailed. A true piece of Folk Art. Paint is crazed & has oxidation. Early square nailed construction on this sweet piece. The lid is done in different colors & even the mustard paint used on the bottom base part of the box the maker used a different paint design on each of the sides of the box. Showing artistic skills, this might have been an itinerant painter that used this box to show his skills for hire going from town to town. Showing what paint designs he could do for them. A long time ago the maker changed the hinges from one side to the other and filled in the area where the old hinge was and did a make do repair. One make do fell out over time. The other original repair still intact you can see square nails used to hold in place. This box was made and then repaired by a very talented folk artist indeed. 

Measures : 9 1/4 x 5 1/16th 

 98.00 & Shipping ~ Email:

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