Early Swing Handle Basket Old Deep Rich Red Paint

Early Swing Handled Basket Old Deep Rich Red Paint. This is a nice early basket. It isn't perfect but the damage that does exist is not something that you see right away. The third photo you can see how some of the cross wraps around the rim are missing. There are a few under the handle that are missing as well. There is no issue with the strength of this basket as the old paint actually helps to keep baskets stronger and they aren't as brittle with age as those that are not painted. There are a few splits in the splints. Overall it isn't bad because the damage that exist you have to look for. Missing the wraps on the rim isn't as noticeable as if it had holes from breaks in the actual basket.. The great paint & form are what drew me in.    

Measures approx. 7 1/2 tall x 11 3/4. at the top.  

 $ SOLD & Shipping ~ Email: mickybakeman@gmail.com