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~ Primitive Pursuits ~
Summer Update Coming Soon!


Items Featured:
Early Hamilton Jones Preserve Crock Mint 
Early & Small Game Board Putty Paint 
Early Blond Teddy Bear Small HTF Size
Original Blue Paint Bail Handle Box 
Early Apothecary Jar Pontil & Tin Lid
Old Red Bail Handle Bucket
Original Bittersweet Red & White Flat Blocks
Early 1900's Primitive Lift Lid Oyster/ White Box
Early & Original Rich Red Tin Bread Lidded Box
Old Red & White Wood Pond Boat
Sweet & Small Early 1900 Childs Step Back Putty Paint
Early Blue & White Homespun Pinafore 
Sweet & Early Boys High Top Shoes Great Condition
19thC. Market Basket Very Old Tin Make Do Handle Repair
Early Paper Mache Head Doll Cloth Body

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